The 5Ws of Dana

I’ve been a professional writer and editor for 15 years and writing my own “About Me” page is undoubtedly my toughest assignment yet. As a journalist, I know the most important factor in any story is to cover the 5Ws, so here goes…

Who: My name is Dana Reinke

I am a writer, editor, mother of three great kids (well, sometimes great—sometimes they’re total goobers) and wife to a sweet, sweet husband. I am the best friend, and sometimes running companion to a furry black wonder-mutt named Bruno. I am a self-diagnosed shopaholic, recovering depressionista and if I’m reading a good book don’t bother calling me because there’s no way I’m going to answer the phone.

Also, I like chocolate, coffee, Moosehead beer and red wine of any kind. My favourite colour is complicated: I like white rooms, black clothes and pink and blue — how do people pick just one? My favourite gifts come in tiny blue boxes.

Where: I live in Oakville, a suburb of Toronto, Canada.

What: Before I embraced the glitz and glamour of stay-at-home motherhood I worked as an editor at Canada’s number one parenting magazine (Today’s Parent) and Canada’s number one bridal magazine (Weddingbells). I am a freelance writer and my work has appeared in Canadian Family, Parents Canada, Glow, ivillage.ca and chicsavvytravels.com. I know, right? I’m pretty fantastic!

When: In 2007 I was diagnosed with depression for the second time. I was 29-years-old and a newly minted mother of two. I was a big old mess and stayed that way for a very long time. For nearly 10 years I treated my mood disorder with therapy, a mountain of antidepressants and blogging.

Why: Depression sucks but I feel much better now! I started Dana’s Domain because I am ready to do whatever it say goodbye to the maudlin blogs of my past and ready to spend the rest of my life writing about the good stuff. The stuff that makes me happy: makeup, shopping, eating, decorating and travelling. Oh, and don’t forget reading, because I sure won’t.

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