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  • Checking out the rooftop patio at the Marriot Residence Inn
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February 2016 Spiral Calendar on dana's domain

I Hate February

Dear February, It has come to my attention that you still plan on coming around this year, despite my repeated requests that you scram, get out of here, vamoose etc. I swear, I am so over you and you haven’t even reared your stupid, ugly head yet. I’m going to write a list of all […] Read more…


Boston bound: A family of five takes on Beantown

It’s that time of year again, I’m getting the itch for adventure. Last summer we took our first family road trip. With the open road and a whole slew of movies for our trusty minivan’s DVD player, we drove from Oakville, Ont., a suburb of Toronto, to Boston in about 10 hours. I was skeptical that our family of polar […] Read more…


Why I didn’t want to breastfeed

The first thing you should know about me is that I never thought I’d breastfeed, let alone write a “hey everyone, let’s breastfeed” article. I’m a 39-year-old, relatively repressed Catholic woman, the youngest in a family of three bottle-fed girls. And quite frankly, up until 11 years ago, breastfeeding kind of grossed me out — […] Read more…



Heading Aenean in leo aliquet, tincidunt diam sit amet, hendrerit massa. Sed nibh orci, volutpat id leo sed, cursus gravida sem. Etiam imperdiet nibh et nisl accumsan, eu tempus mi volutpat. Donec rutrum luctus massa vel tempus. Etiam nisi metus, mollis ac enim volutpat, gravida dapibus purus. Nullam non ante vitae sem volutpat laoreet et […] Read more…